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Cintiq 22HD Can't Reach 100cd/m2

Posted: Wed 24. Apr 2019, 18:15
by spiffiness
I am trying to calibrate my Cintiq with the Colormunki Display calibrator and I can't get it to reach 100cd/m2 to match my other monitor despite the specs saying it's 250cd/m2. The highest it goes is around 95. It's connected by DVI to my NVidia card. I swear it used to be brighter! Any idea on how to fix this? I've already tried resetting the display settings but it didn't help.

Re: Cintiq 22HD Can't Reach 100cd/m2

Posted: Thu 25. Apr 2019, 07:41
by wacom5

To clarify, according to my information, the factory brightness spec for Cintiq 22HD is 210cd/m2 typically.
The Cintiq 22 LCD is backlit with LED technology which will become dimmer with usage. Seems that your maximum brightness has decayed over 50% which normally indicates that it was already used for many, many hours.

Here is an interesting article on this subject:

If you feel that your display is dimmer than it should be at this point, please contact our support and have your device checked -