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Use DTU-1411 for dislay a web page and signature

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Use DTU-1411 for dislay a web page and signature

Postby simones » Fri 26. Apr 2019, 10:12

i have a Wacom DTU-1411 and i need a display on wakom a web page with text.
The customer can read a text, on display, and can decide to accept the "privacy" with your signatore on wacom.
After i nedd to save your signature on my web app.

I have created a platform with laravel in php.

It can possible with my wakom device ?


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Re: Use DTU-1411 for dislay a web page and signature

Postby wacom5 » Fri 26. Apr 2019, 12:19


The Wacom DTU-1141 will work as a secondary display with a pen sensor. The display component will connect as a second monitor so you can chose what will be displayed through the Windows or Mac Display Settings.

As for the Pens Sensor and the signature capture, if you are creating your own application, then you should probably contact our Developer Support team - https://developer.wacom.com/en-us/developer-dashboard/support
They should be able to answer your questions in more detail.

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