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Dark stains on Cintiq 22HD

Cintiq and Cintiq Pro
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Dark stains on Cintiq 22HD

Postby SamxFisher » Tue 7. Feb 2017, 22:21

I purchased the cintiq 22HD almost a year ago (the non touch version), but some months ago it appeared 2 dark spots on the screen, at the bottom-left corner, more visible on light backgrounds.

here's the pic of my cintiq: ... Stains.jpg

another user posted on reddit that he have the same problem, this is his cintiq 22HD picture:

I can't understand why it appeared, some screen manufacturers says this problem could appear for various reasons, apply pressure to screen, get something too hot on the screen, etc.

Any of those "official" reasons could cause those dark stains, I never place my hand on the bottom-left corner and never applied something hot to the screen. Even that the cintiq screens are prepared for being touchable, the reason of apply pressure makes it even more irrelevant cause.

Could someone know what could cause this?

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Re: Dark stains on Cintiq 22HD

Postby Rocketboots » Sat 4. Mar 2017, 00:48

Hi Sam,

I had exactly the same problem with dark smudges in the same place, as well as along the left side of my 22HD, which is also the non touch model.

Wacom claimed they are pressure marks and refused to honour the warranty, ignoring logical reason that it didn't make sense for me to draw so far over on the left side of the screen.

They estimated it would cost 931 Euros to repair. This was after I'd already shipped it to Germany from the U.K. Through poor communication they had implied it would be fixed under warranty, when what they had meant to say is that it was merely just an inspection which was covered.

I wish I had better news, but try your luck. If they say that it's covered by warranty, get them to be crystal clear it is in fact a repair and not merely an inspection.

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Re: Dark stains on Cintiq 22HD

Postby wacom1 » Sun 5. Mar 2017, 16:56

Displays usually do not change appearance over time. If there are dark spot on the display after longer time of usage, these are in most cases 'bump spots' - something has bumped agains the screen resulting in damage of the display. This might happen at any place on a screen and is not a manufacturing fault.The normal pressure with the pen is not sufficient for that to happen. - It is possible, that you see darker areas from bad assembly like a workers fingerprints or dust under the screen. These would be visible from the beginning when you get the unit, and such faults are covered by warranty, of course. - The service center examines the individual case and finds out what type of problem it is.

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