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Dark stains on Cintiq 22HD

Cintiq and Cintiq Pro
Posts: 3
Joined: Thu 9. Nov 2017, 23:33

Re: Dark stains on Cintiq 22HD

Postby turiacus » Mon 27. Nov 2017, 15:11

I've been in contact with the Wacom support team dor a couple of days and they have been very helpful and swift to reply to all my questions.
After sending visual evidence of the issue, both pictures and video (which gets tricky since although evident with the naked eye it's really difficult to make them be obvious in a phone camera), the technical support confirmed the malfunction and that it is covered by the warranty be it to be repaired or to be fully replaced.

Their advance exchange policy is really convenient since it seems the new equipment is sent first and only then you deliver the malfunctioning one. This is awesome for professionals who can't really afford to be without their main work tool while waiting for the problem to be fixed.

I confess I was really worried after reading some of the replies around here but until now I have nothing but compliments to give to the tech support.

So I would encourage whoever is getting this annoying smudge on their screens to go ahead and contact Wacom to get it fixed. Good luck!

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Joined: Fri 22. Dec 2017, 17:58

Re: Dark stains on Cintiq 22HD

Postby artintime » Fri 22. Dec 2017, 18:04

Hi Turiacus,
That's great to hear. did they exchange it with the refurbished one or the new?

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