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Dark stains on Cintiq 22HD

Cintiq and Cintiq Pro
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Re: Dark stains on Cintiq 22HD

Postby SamxFisher » Tue 11. Apr 2017, 21:09

Nothing for now, I'm from Spain and I don't want to send my cintiq to Germany or another country for a month and expose to receive it broken for a delivery accident. This case, is not enough annoying for me, at least only in bright colors and the position of bottom-left corner, but there are 2 things I have in mind and learned about this situation, one is, the wacom devices high price won't make me think again that their next devices will be free of this kind of problems, and the other is depending on how wacom responds to this, for now is not very encouraging.

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Re: Dark stains on Cintiq 22HD

Postby Julesbris » Mon 17. Apr 2017, 17:10

I am also from Spain and I have the exact same issue, two dark spots on the left side of the cintiq 22hd non touch.

It seems to me it is a factory failure. I am interested in what Wacom have to say about this because it is very discouraging about their products. I just found out about the ipad Pro and I feel a little regretful now.

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Re: Dark stains on Cintiq 22HD

Postby suddensalvo » Sun 2. Jul 2017, 14:36

I am a user in the United States with the exact same issue - I couldn't get a good photo, but my spots fit in K-4, with the other centered near the intersection between H/I 14/15. It's a bit hard to imagine that all of us having K-4 and spots in the blocks near H, I, and J 14-15 is random coincidence with pressure and bumping. I'm a wonderfully happy Wacom Cintiq 22HD owner otherwise, but I would like this problem considered and addressed. I'll be looking to see if there is a similar thread on the American forums; if not, I'll post one using the same topic, and link to this one as well.

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