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6.3.20-7 locks your other display(27QHDT)

Posted: Mon 13. Feb 2017, 22:47
by Dinomightkaroar
SOooo, I uninstalled my previous driver and cleared preferences, restarted, installed 6.4.20-7, restarted, and wouldn't you know, it's still broken.

In the tradition of whack-a-mole bug fixes, I can now pinch to zoom, but the cintiq 27QHD touch completely locks the secondary display. I can't click on it with a mouse, or drag a selection box. If I open a fresh app, and a window appears on the affected monitor, I can click and drag it ONCE, and then the monitor does not accept inputs again.

Windows 10 64 bit, clean install as of a couple weeks ago. I had to roll back to 16.3.17-3 yet again.

I tried switching primary monitor, nothing. I tried task manager, and again I can interact with it for one click, and then nothing.

There is still a horrible relationship between wacom's recent pen display drivers and windows 10.

Just a heads up to anyone with a similar setup.