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Cintiq 24HD Fan Control

Cintiq and Cintiq Pro
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Cintiq 24HD Fan Control

Postby johannes914 » Tue 21. Feb 2017, 21:10

Hi. I just bought a used 24HD from a friend and the fans are very loud.
I found out there is a way to control the fan speed in the advanced OSD menu (manual page 64).
Unfortunately I am not able to open the advanced menu. Both methods described in the manual (page 57) don't work.
"advanced" in color menu does'nt show and press two buttons on start wont show any menu.
Did I miss something ? Does my Cintiq need a firmware update ?

Thank you for your help. This noise drives me crazy...

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Re: Cintiq 24HD Fan Control

Postby wacom1 » Wed 22. Feb 2017, 08:30

Which version of Cintiq24 do you have ? This option exists only in the Cintiq24 Touch version (DTH-2400) and was not included in the DTK version without touch.

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Re: Cintiq 24HD Fan Control

Postby johannes914 » Wed 22. Feb 2017, 13:51

Thank you, this explains why I can't access the menu. I have the regular (non touch) version.
Is there a way to order new and more silent fans from you ?
The Cintiq is old and the noise may come from worn fans.

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Re: Cintiq 24HD Fan Control

Postby cocouacocoua » Fri 12. May 2017, 19:33

can't understand why the 24HD needs fans but the 22HD which almost the same specs but 2 inches bigger, won't...

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