NEW tablet drivers 6.3.21-3 for Windows and 6.3.21-5 for OSX released. For release notes use the link below the driver on the download page. Main change is support for the new Cintiq Pro 16 model and a new 'Wacom echo' feature for MobileStudio Pro.

for Windows: Fixed several problems related to touch and [flash=][/flash]lag in Bluetooth connection mode.

for OSX: Resolved some problems on multi-monitor configurations, issues with touch and lag, alos a penclick and dragging issue in certain situations.

NOTE: When you are using a pen with Mac OS X 10.12, your lines might be wavy. What we are doing about it: We are working on a temporary fix to implement in the Wacom driver while Apple investigates the issue.

Cintiq 13HD, intous pro and Mac OS Sierra

Cintiq and Cintiq Pro
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Cintiq 13HD, intous pro and Mac OS Sierra

Postby justabill37 » Sat 25. Feb 2017, 20:13

Using Driver

iMac 27 with a 13hd Cintiq and an intous pro (I do not recommend using the 13hd as your only UI device) ok...not as well as El Capitan but still works...


1. Cursor gets stuck when going between monitors (from 13hd to iMac) the cursor gets stuck on the bottom or for me at least on the dock, which i have on the bottom... So when I go to touch my intous, the cursor gets stuck on the 13hd, so i have to use the pen instead...then its its a touch issue..

2. Wavy lines with the pencil...not so much with the brush..only if I press down very i actually don't notice the wavy lines, but they are an issue, of course.

3. In Photoshop 2017 , When I atempt to change brush size..on either tablet, the keyboard methon and click on the pen does not work...ctrl+opt+ click on the pen...does not work...however...ctrl+opt+ drag the pen on the surface does resize the brush...and the wheel on the intous still works for resize as well..

4. the tablets...will be unresponsive on clicks...whether it's layers in photoshop or tabs in chrome...a click or a touch will stop registering...i can switch pens or switch from pen to touch or vice versa and it responds again.

So far that's all I can think of for me...I can still work though...


and if you ever need someone to test your 27Cintiq...go ahead and send me one and I will put it through it paces for years to come

thanks again


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