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Issue in painter after using Wacom Color Manager on 27qhd

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Issue in painter after using Wacom Color Manager on 27qhd

Postby Ravensoul » Tue 28. Feb 2017, 18:11

Hello everyone. I recently picked up a 27qhd non touch and the Wacom Color Manager calibration set. I have run into an odd problem if I have profiled the 27qhd with the color manager and have that profile running for the monitor. When I try to paint in Painter 2017 the darker/more saturated sections of the brush strokes, usually in the middle of the stroke, disappear completely. If I drag the Painter window over to my Dell monitor and release the mouse it looks fine, after I release the mouse. It stays the same until I have actually dropped it onto that display. If I search for and delete the profile for the 27qhd and restart the computer then Painter seems to work fine. I am relatively new to this so I do not know if there is some weird setting in the manager that is causing this. Photoshop seems to be ok while the monitor is profiled, unlike Painter. I have uninstalled and re installed my Wacom drivers and the manager and my video cards drivers. I thought it was the video card drivers after I re installed them until I got back to installing/profiling with the manager and realized that that was when the problem came back.

I would post an image, but it appears I may have to upload it somewhere else and link to it here? I don't have a whole lot of time to look into that before work. I posted a link to a forum post I made on the Painter forums about this problem leading up to where I am at now. There is a picture there. The brushes do this in black and other colors. With colors it seems like it disappears in the middle but might have the opposite color around the inside edges before it disappears.

I am running Win 10 64bit with a GTX 1070 video card. I7 4790k proc if I remember right with 16gigs of ram. All drivers are the newest I can find.

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