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Cintiq 16" help | Constantly having to reset PS workspace/tools

Cintiq and Cintiq Pro
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Cintiq 16" help | Constantly having to reset PS workspace/tools

Postby Nickel » Fri 24. May 2019, 03:40

Hi guys,

I just bought the new Cintiq 16", love it, I mainly use it with photoshop CC via my Macbook Pro 13"

My only issue is I have to constantly reset my photoshop tools and workspace every time I plug in or unplug the cintiq 16", I don't know if this is exclusively an Adobe issue or due to and their annoying floating app screens.
For example if I have photoshop open, and a file open, up on my macbook pro, then plug the cintiq 16" in (I usually have to right click PS icon and click "display on desktop 2" to get photoshop to appear on the cintiq 16"), when viewing PS on my cintiq 16" the workspace is all over the place, and mostly completely "off the screen" - like some tools, such as the brushes or layers won't even show up, and sometimes half of my open images or tools will be "stuck" on my macbook pro screen whilst others will show up on the cintiq 16", so every time I use it I have to reset my workspace back to "Essentials" just to get all the tools back to normal and to show up on the cintiq 16",
It's such a hassle as I constantly have to go in and re-organise my workspace again and again to the way I prefer it post-reset and it's just using up so much time, then when I unplug the cintiq 16" photoshop on my macbook pro is all over the place and "off the screen, then another workspace reset is required.
Is there a way around this? I kinda thought you'd just plug in the display and it would mirror your laptop, is it because my laptop screen is smaller than 16" so the workspace doesn't "fit" within the screen space?

Sorry if this post is confusing, I'm unsure how else to describe what's happening.
I also had trouble understanding the benefits of having the options "display on desktop 1", "display on desktop 2" or on both as none of those options ever gave me the full experience of photoshop, I've kinda just been clicking all sorts of options to figure out the best way to work it.

I will soon be getting a 27" mac desktop to use with the cintiq 16", those the macs don't have a hdmi port which is rather annoying, I assume an adapter is available, maybe the cintiq 16" works better on screens 16" or larger, somehow?

Any help greatly appreciated!

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Re: Cintiq 16" help | Constantly having to reset PS workspace/tools

Postby wacom5 » Fri 24. May 2019, 06:42

Hey there.

I have never heard about this issue before. If I understand correctly, you have the workspace set to extended. What happens if you set the Cintiq 16 as your main display? In any case, this seems like an issue with Photoshop or Mac OSX. In this regard, the Cintiq is only a display like any other.
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