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New Wacom Cintiq 13 Pro not turning on

Posted: Sun 2. Jun 2019, 04:16
by artemistled
      Specs: Macbook Pro 2017, 10.14.5 (Latest)
      Wacom Cintiq 13 Pro, Latest driver

      Short n' sweet: the thing will not turn on.

      I currently just got my Cintiq today, and after googling and researching I'm assuming the tablet should turn on the moment it's connected to its power source(?). It's connected by USB-C, and nothing else, as there is really nothing else I can connect it to- I don't use a computer with a base, it's a laptop. I'm understanding that the Cintiq was designed for USB-C in mind, being the only 1-wire-connection option for the model... that aside, it does not turn on. There is a button at the top which I'm thinking is the power button? But clicking it shortly, for 5+ seconds, multiple times, all yield the same result; of the tablet not even turning on.

      Is this... a faulty tablet? Or am I doing something wrong? It would be very troubling if it were defective... I also checked out the mojave update issues, and I fixed all those. Still, it is not working. Any input is appreciated.

Re: New Wacom Cintiq 13 Pro not turning on

Posted: Mon 3. Jun 2019, 08:36
by wacom5
Please connect the Cintiq Pro the power supply only, and press the power button. When the device powers ON, you will see a white LED at the top of the device, and the Soft-touch buttons should light up as well. Additionally, you will see a message stating "No Input Signal" - which should happen.

If the device doesn't power ON, try to plug the power supply to a different USB-C port. If that doesn't work, please contact our support - - they will assist you further.