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Adobe RGB or SRGB colour profiles on Cinteq 27 QHD

Posted: Sun 9. Jun 2019, 22:51
by obloquy
Hey, I've got a question thats sort of been bugging me and was wondering if anyone could shed some light on it.

I've got a Cinteq 27" QHD that I bought in 2016 and by default the colour gamut of the display is set to the "Adobe RGB" colour space in the Wacom Display Settings. Since I bought it I left it as the default colour space as the colours looked more vibrant/saturated. However recently I've switched the colour space to "SRGB" as alot of my work needs to be viewed on others peoples computers/the web so SRGB is better for that despite the colours looking washed out/desaturated than in the Adobe RGB profile. (see pic in link at bottom)

However after doing a bit of research online I stumble across various sites that indicate that Adobe RGB profiles are more desaturated/muddy colours and SRGB is more saturated/vibrant. In this link:, the first two images show and state this... whereas on my cinteq the profiles would be the other way around.

Just wondering if this is an issue or if I have anything to worry about? (or I'm going crazy ha). Many thanks to anyone who can shed any light on this

Re: Adobe RGB or SRGB colour profiles on Cinteq 27 QHD

Posted: Tue 11. Jun 2019, 08:41
by wacom5
Note that that article you linked to is over 6 years old and seems to be based on the assumption that your display will not support Adobe RGB. This is not the case for the Cintiq 27QHD.

A better explanation of this difference is found here: