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Cintiq 16 Screen Protector

Cintiq and Cintiq Pro
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Cintiq 16 Screen Protector

Postby Giuca9 » Tue 11. Jun 2019, 17:58

i'm new to the Display Tablets (i just had a bamboo and an intuos before).
The only thing i could say is that I really love it!
I never considered to buy a Screen protector for my Cintiq, 'cause I was afraid of loosing pen sensibility or color tone, but a friend of mine, who bought one 3 weeks ago, said that her tablet had 3 scratches, and recommended me to buy a screen protector.
I searched some on amazon, but i found nothing more than 3 stars.
The question is... is it worth?
Did someone of you buy one? Does the s.p. ruin the drawing experience?
Thank you very much!

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