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Cintiq 27QHD - no display (black screen)

Wacom One, Cintiq and Cintiq Pro
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Re: Cintiq 27QHD - no display (black screen)

Postby jcglover » Mon 27. Jul 2020, 21:49

Bought a new Cintiq 27QHD for $3500 in November 2016. Have kept it safe on an ergo arm since then and out of the blue the screen went black last week. The power button works and the computer recognises the Cintiq. I have been going back on forth with wacom support for almost a week to be quoted today $1595 for repairs plus shipping without knowing what the issue is because it's a "Tier 3 issue", this pricing structure seems unethical. It is criminal to the ratio of what the product costs, you’re charging almost 50% of the cost of the product for something that could be as simple as a back light bulb replacement. I'm incredible disappointed with this company, I own 4 wacoms and have been a loyal customer for over a decade but after this I will be taking my business somewhere else.

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Re: Cintiq 27QHD - no display (black screen)

Postby wacom5 » Tue 28. Jul 2020, 10:00

I don't know the case history so I'm not sure I can help. I would recommend that you address this directly with the support team. If this is the proposed price there must be a reason and only they can assist you with this.
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Re: Cintiq 27QHD - no display (black screen)

Postby 4orbidd3n » Tue 28. Jul 2020, 16:17

Just wanted to add that this happened to me as well last week. Bought the Cintiq when it got released and now when I try to turn it on, nothing shows up and the touch buttons light up, so the display is getting power but nothing is showing.

I've contacted support with a similar price in order to fix the screen. After reading stories of people getting the display fixed only for it to fail again shortly after, I'm not to comfortable in sending it for repairs, not for the price asked.

I'm trying to get a better understanding of what happened to the display and potential fixes, but I'm sad that there are so many complains for this issue on this model and that the money that we thought was spent on a quality product is showing many signs of being faulty.

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Re: Cintiq 27QHD - no display (black screen)

Postby worldclock2017 » Sun 2. Aug 2020, 22:36

Hopefully somebody can post their remedy on this issue. My 27QHD is 2.5 years old and this same problem happened to me on one occasion a few months ago, so I have a feeling that it might be starting on my machine as well. I'm almost afraid to turn it on now. And I'm also not paying close to $2000 to have this thing fixed once I factor in the repair costs and shipping it back and forth (the closest Wacom center is 2000 miles away from me and out of the country)... just to have it break down on me again a week later as has unfortunately been the case for some people. That would make the cost of this 27" monitor close to $6000.

If this happens to me I will for sure post the information here. If we all keep this topic updated maybe we can come to a collective solution on what to do when this inevitably happens. Because shipping the unit to Wacom isn't a realistic option for most of us.

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Re: Cintiq 27QHD - no display (black screen)

Postby rupeshoo7 » Fri 18. Sep 2020, 10:58

I have a similar issue, my Cintiq 27 QHD is still work in the upper right is on and the 3 light on the privilege is on also the pen actually working however my pc don't show up the tablet and the screen of the Wacom stay dark even with a light trying to please screen there is no image in the event that anybody get fixed his tablet would be ideal to help since I am past the guarantee and Wacom are pricey

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