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Speed of touch ring

Posted: Mon 15. Jul 2019, 08:48
by PeterKelly
I've always had an issue regarding the speed of the touch ring within Photoshop (cintiq 27HD touch), so that, when used for resizing, the image will enlarge or reduce far too fast, sometimes continuing to alter for a time after my finger motion. The only solution was to use the screen touch setting, although I find that causes other interface difficulties (especially being left handed). Changing the settings for speed in the control panel has no effect at all, except for outside of Photoshop.

However, I have just discovered a weird anomaly. I came back to my machine and the first thing I wanted to do was enlarge the image, but while this now worked at the perfect rate it was in reverse to normal, so clockwise shrank! This had me totally confused until I discovered that the active program was actually 'Outlook'. As soon as I made Photoshop active, the control ring reverted to normal bad behaviour.

Any possible explanations, or solutions?

Re: Speed of touch ring

Posted: Mon 15. Jul 2019, 09:30
by PeterKelly

Having just updated the driver (previously on the one generation before), the zoom no longer works at all in Photoshop. Now if I'm touching the ring the tool does some very odd things i.e. 'Dodge' reverts to 'Burn', 'Clone' chooses origin point, etc.

In other words, this driver is seriously screwed when it comes to Photoshop, likely the number one program!