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"How to set up" DUAL Wacom Monitors (Cintiq)

Cintiq and Cintiq Pro
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"How to set up" DUAL Wacom Monitors (Cintiq)

Postby LogicBrain » Mon 22. Jul 2019, 00:02

Hey I just wanted to use my Pro Pen 2 on both a Cintiq Pro 24 and a Cintiq 16. Yet I was Disappointed to find out that for some reason this won't work.

Would really like to request this to get updated to become automated.

I want to pick up any Pen that is Compatible with your Cintiq Line up and use it on one Screen and then use it on the other without any hassle. I would accept even a Hotkey option.

.. Aperently it only works with a non Cintiq monitor like ( Intous Pro M )


Ps.. Found a way to remove the FAN noise. Put Soft Foam Above the hole top Area and Walla No noise :)

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Re: "How to set up" DUAL Wacom Monitors (Cintiq)

Postby wacom5 » Mon 22. Jul 2019, 10:12

This should work. I do it on a daily basis. Can you explain what doesn't work for you in detail?

Also, covering the vents is a bad idea. If the hot air is not removed form the device it will overheat and this can cause damage overtime. Needless to say that damaging your device that would would not be covered under warranty.

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Re: "How to set up" DUAL Wacom Monitors (Cintiq)

Postby LogicBrain » Mon 22. Jul 2019, 14:07

So strange it did not work yesterday even today. Reinstalling the Drivers unplugging everything made it work again. Also Removing the ProPen2 and setting it up again got it to work fine. The Problem was. It was only showing up on one screen and then it wasn't even giving any kind of pressure to the Canvas. Now it seems fine..

The strange part is at 80% Lighting the Fan Noise at Low Speed is just Way to loud.. Of course I did not Stuff the Air Flow! :) I put a thick Towel just before the Vents to Damper the Sound.

I still wish "Me the User" could See the Temps and Control it Manually with a Fan Slider (PWM Style)
The Fan is just Way to Loud for no reason..

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Re: "How to set up" DUAL Wacom Monitors (Cintiq)

Postby kangum » Sun 28. Jul 2019, 20:21

I have a pro 16 and a pro 24. The fan on the 16 pro is way more distracting than the 24. My fan is set to auto on the 24 and I don’t notice it much. This is coming from someone who has an iMac that makes 0 noise. I do wish that the fan would turn off on the 16 pro if you were not running it at 4K. I use my pro 16 at 1440p and it seems kind of silly to have such a loud fan going for standard resolutions.

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Re: "How to set up" DUAL Wacom Monitors (Cintiq)

Postby LogicBrain » Tue 13. Aug 2019, 23:50

Here is my setup. I waited for Wacom to release a Premium Experience 4k Display that would be top notch in everything. No one was selling it where I lived so I had to wait a few month until it finally became available.

Since I got it while I was not at my place ( working mobile ) I came back 30 Days later to check out my "Cool new Product" It all looked Fabulous and felt great, I was using a Intous Pro M at the time and wanted something with better Colors and Direct Draw on. At the time it seemed great and everything worked. Then when I had the chance to Do some real work on it. About 2 Hours in the Fan-Noise and the Hum ( I have extremely good Ears and I am very sensitive to and kind of sounds like buzzing humming etc.. So I reached out to Wacom told them about my Problem sent them all the Audio I could ( I don't have a 1000$ Mic lol ) after a back and forth I was able to have the right to send it in, but to my knowledge I was not aware that I would have to send it to another Country because for some reason my Country is treated as Special Country ( with special needs .. no money no funny=)
and the costs to ship this beast would cost about 300$.. So F*k no won't be doing that anytime soon. So I left it on the side and bought myself the newer 16 Version not the Pro.

I enjoyed the Slience, but oh boy Shame on Wacom What Trolls.
Nasty Colors not even 100% RGB The lighting on this this is like from late 2000 it is like they stuffed a old Monitor in here and said here ( Cheap Prrice ) .. Till this day my Lenovo laptop with touch and pen support with only 500 Pressure sensibility. Still has better lighting then this S...t not one Cable simple plug and play you have to drag a Power-supply for something that the Competition already solved for more then half the Price with Buttons. (

Again my Country is rather lame seems like they only accept Wacoms and they ramp up the Price exp: 300 for the rest of the World and here it will cost 600$. 0 Benefits.

Back to the Topic. I would be interested in what settings you have. Because Try going with Adobe RGB at 80% Light and Tell me you are not getting Loud fan noise. I know I am just one Person and maybe it is the luck of the Gods to destroy my happy-self, but it seems to me the WACOM and a Brand just gets away with everything because everyone Accepts it as " The best"

That was my hope for Wacom, but as honest as I can get If a Company would be able to Release 4k Monitor Display with at least 100 Hz ! No Fan Noise 100% RGB ( Fc*k Adobe RGB ) , IPS, 10bits, 16:9, 235cd++ 0ms some side Buttons, 8k pressure not really..that great, but great marketing.. 5080 + lpi Upscale/ Downscale function. Plus there is no need to put a computer on the back of it. Horrible Idea.

I would get it and pay 3k ish for it.

My point is I was fooled in thinking that Wacom was really as good as the fanboys/girls said it was. I tried a Hui and it is just as good if not better.

Totally not hate.ing on the support. They are just doing there job.. I am sad the this Corp does what it pleases and gets away with it. Same like any other Corp. well Welcome to the NWO Sheep away.. I guess..

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Re: "How to set up" DUAL Wacom Monitors (Cintiq)

Postby DanielleG » Fri 23. Aug 2019, 08:21

Hi LogicBrain,

would you be so kind and explain to me how you managed to get rid of the fan noise? I have the 24 pro as well and the only thing that is bothering me is the fan noise and it is keeping me from using it. I would however love to use it as the drawing experience is so good.

You said you put soft foam or a towel before the vents? Did you stick this on the cintiq and where? Below the vents on the back or above the vents which would be on top of the cintiq since there is only very little space there?

Off course a photo would be highly appreciated but I don't know if it's possible on this forum.

Thanks for your time,

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Re: "How to set up" DUAL Wacom Monitors (Cintiq)

Postby worldclock2017 » Fri 23. Aug 2019, 16:59

you cannot block the cooling vents.

that will overheat the device and destroy it.

the only option is to live with the fan noise.

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Re: "How to set up" DUAL Wacom Monitors (Cintiq)

Postby DanielleG » Fri 23. Aug 2019, 18:10

Off course you can not block the vents, nobody is suggesting to do so.
I would prefer going back to my intuos than living with the noise.

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