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Express Key Remote - Sticky Keys, Double Press

Cintiq and Cintiq Pro
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Express Key Remote - Sticky Keys, Double Press

Postby companion2capetown » Wed 8. Mar 2017, 13:44

Hi there.

I am having weird issues with my Express Key Remote listed below:

- randomly double key presses, when I only press a button once. (Nightmare when using CTRL+Z to undo, because it undos two steps back instead of one)
- Key press would get stuck (eg. CTRL+Z would result in the CTRL key being activated, even when I let go of the Express Remote Key)
- Low Battery warning pops up on PC monitor even though the Remote is above 80% Charged.

I have already tried the following :

- Used on a different PC
- Used different USB ports
- Tried different drivers (6.3.15-3 ; 6.3.17-3 ; 6.3.20-7)
- Connecting straight via cable
- Used third party "Keyboard Press Loggers" (Registered one physical key press twice in these apps as well)

Please help, this is causing massive frustration and slowdown in my workflow having to repeat lines, that were otherwise perfectly fine, because it "Undoes" twice instead once.


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Re: Express Key Remote - Sticky Keys, Double Press

Postby companion2capetown » Thu 23. Mar 2017, 17:45

Anyone? Why does it seem that only some posts are answered and others are just left with no response?
Can an official Wacom representative or someone experienced who know a solution/s to this problem please respond?

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Re: Express Key Remote - Sticky Keys, Double Press

Postby Dinomightkaroar » Fri 24. Mar 2017, 02:34

Yeah, literally none of my posts have gotten even one response. I wonder what's up. fwiw I have the same double press problem, althought the buttons are responsive for me and not exactly "sticky."

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Re: Express Key Remote - Sticky Keys, Double Press

Postby companion2capetown » Sat 25. Mar 2017, 11:57

Hi @Dinomightkaroar

Thanks for reaching out.

I sincerely hope that Wacom aren't ignoring our problems because they may not have any solutions?

I find it bizarre that posts made after mine, by other people seem to be well responded to by @wacom1 , but I've noticed that most of the responses are either copy and paste answers from the Manual, or website blog posts / Troubleshooting that Wacom have made before, the responses don't seem to be very specific technically, but rather broad "troubleshooting" steps. I find that Wacom isn't immediately taking responsibility for genuine technical issues and faults that some customers are experiencing, but that there seems to be a tendency to "shift the responsibility on the customer" if you would.

The double press issue still stands, and is totally unacceptable for a device supposedly built for a specialized purpose. Can we get some help and clarity on this matter please?

For an almost 10 year customer, who has been enjoying and recommending Wacom products to other artists, as well as being proud of the devices I've had, I have been really disappointed with the customer relations and technical support over the last year or two. It seems to me the core company is no longer what it used to be. Even with the random tech designs that come out lately ie. an entry level Cintiq Pro which cannot be used by people who have HDMI ports, except if specific adaptors are bought, or if one has a USB-C port or mini display out? Thin flimsy USB-C ports (with a tremendous amount of play on the port /cable area) located where ones hands are usually placed for holding the device. New "Mobile PC" platforms (Cintiq Companion / Mobile Studio Pro) where OS level support regarding specific Wacom technologies ie. Hybrid Mode, Touch etc is almost non existent, either sending customers to Microsoft or just not helping and blaming Windows Updates or other Hardware variables the customer may "supposedly" have. Wacom, please don't forget that you are supposed to be designing hardware for professional artists, people who work on these machines daily to earn a living, not competitive tech nerds who love every new technology standard and pretty looking thing that comes out. What happened to robust, smart specific design for specific industry professionals?

I'm hoping that this rant (which didn't exist a few mins ago when I typed a more condensed and to the point reply, but was suddenly logged out of the forum, and had to type my reply over, almost for the 2nd time! But luckily copy and pasted the text before submitting) might get someone's attention.

Wacom, please take care of your customers properly, and slow down with all the new "unnecessary" tech releases ie. 8000 and something levels of pressure, fancy pen holders with various tips, "modern" packaging, almost useless "bundled driver software" ie . Wacom Desktop Center, USB-C ports etc. Who even draws professionally at this stage with resolutions up to 4K? I believe Wacom should instead focus on what made the product unique in the beginning, and strengthen the core professional tools we use. You are not here to compete with Microsoft (Surface Pro) or Apple (Ipad Pro), or Huion or Artisul or Lenovo or Ugee etc.. You are here to do what you did well for years before, pen technology for digital art professionals, strong robust machines, with simple honest customer relations and driver development. Let's get back to what made you the best before and please answer all the customer questions on this forum.


Kind Regards

Stephen Kulp
Illustrator | Concept Artist | Storyboard Artist

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Re: Express Key Remote - Sticky Keys, Double Press

Postby trep420 » Tue 26. Sep 2017, 20:20

I have the same problem, were you ever able to find a solution?

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Re: Express Key Remote - Sticky Keys, Double Press

Postby wacom1 » Wed 27. Sep 2017, 07:08

If you press a key once, but get several keypresses registered, that might be a hardware fault of the key. If the same happens with all Expresskeys, it would be software issue. - Use the latest driver with default settings. Assign Undo to one of the other keys and see, if same problem happens with that button.

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