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Cintiq Pro and Wacom Link plus issues

Posted: Fri 2. Aug 2019, 06:51
by Majormore
I bought an intel nuc to go with my pro 16. Mainly as I wanted a very small discrete machine for my living room. The Nuc has a thunderbolt 3 output with 100w power delivery and after checking the Wacom site and the nuc site I was led to believe I could run the pro 16 with one cable. Nope, didn’t work.

Anyway, everything works well with one thunderbolt connection and one power connection. But I would really like to run off a single cable as I use it sat in a recliner chair with it on my lap and two cables is a bit much. So I bought the Wacom link plus as it reports to do this.

But another issue, the link plus doesn’t support usbc/thunderbolt 3 in, mains power in and then one usbc cable out. It only has 2 usbc ports and one gets taken up by the power cable leaving you with just one port to connect to the cintiq and no usbc to connect to the pc. So I’ve had to use a hdmi cable to connect the nuc to the link plus. Doing this allows me to connect the cintiq with one cable but it only delivers a 2k image.

To get 4K back I then tried connecting from the nuc’s thunderbolt 3 port to the Wacom link DisplayPort with a thunderbolt to dp cable. I now get a lovely 4K image and a single cable connection to Wacom. Happy days! But there’s no data being transferred even though the usb 2 cable is plugged in and it worked with the hdmi setup.

Anyone have any ideas why the thunderbolt to dp is stopping data being sent over the usb2 cable?

Re: Cintiq Pro and Wacom Link plus issues

Posted: Sat 3. Aug 2019, 21:51
by kangum
There is a usb cable connection on the wacom link plus that is supposed to connect to your pc. you should have both the display port and the usb-A plugged into your pc and the power connected to the link and the 1 usbc cable into your cintiq. I use this setup with link plus and it works fine.

Re: Cintiq Pro and Wacom Link plus issues

Posted: Sun 4. Aug 2019, 20:14
by Majormore
Hi, yes absolutely. I have the standard usb going from link to pc for data.

But I have thunderbolt 3 going into the display port on the link. It sends a 4K Image to link plus which relays power and 4K image to the cintiq over one usbc cable. Cintiq powers on displays the image but the pen doesn’t work.

With hdmi it works fine. I think thunderbolt 3 to DisplayPort is confusing the pc

Re: Cintiq Pro and Wacom Link plus issues

Posted: Mon 5. Aug 2019, 02:21
by kangum
No usb data which is what the pen uses is passed through the thunderbolt connection it is passed tHrough the usb connection to your pc. The usb data never reaches the point of your adapter. The data is passed on out from the link through the links usb connection. Whatever issue you are having doesn’t have to do with your adapter as long as you have the dedicated standard usb plugged in. The pen data is usb only.

Re: Cintiq Pro and Wacom Link plus issues

Posted: Mon 5. Aug 2019, 06:56
by Majormore
Sorry but your replies aren’t helpful as you don’t understand the issue :(

There is a USB plugged into the link and the PC. It’s just isn’t sending data between the two.

I am having to use the Thunderbolt 3 port on my pc which is connected to the DisplayPort port on the Wacom link as I don’t have a display port on my pc. I’m trying to do it this way so I can make use of the Wacom link feature that enables you to only have one cable going from the link plus to the cintiq.

I think the thunderbolt from pc to displayport on the Wacom link is confusing the pc/link and stopping the sending/receiving of data over the standard usb.

I could just ditch the link adaptor and plug thunderbolt 3 and power straight into the cintiq. This works fine but as I said I’d like to reduce the cables going into the cintiq.

Anyone have similar issues or know a workaround?

Re: Cintiq Pro and Wacom Link plus issues

Posted: Tue 6. Aug 2019, 06:48
by Majormore
Fixed it.

Had to use another computer and a different set of cables to find the issue.

Turns out the cintiq pro’s auto input detection is very sensitive. Also the standard usb cable supplied with the link was faulty.

So I know have the cintiq running off one usbc cable connected to the link. The link in turn is connected to my pc with a thunderbolt to DisplayPort cable and a standard usb.