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Opaque mode key missing?

Posted: Fri 16. Aug 2019, 21:39
by mikycoud
Hi; I see everywhere on the docs that it's possible to use the cintiq pro as a a normal tablet (essentially switching off the panel while still being able to use the pen on the monitor) by enabling "Opaque mode", which should be activated by pressing one of the few screen keys that light up on the top left of the monitor.
However, I see no such key there. I only have 4 (input selector, wrench key, on screen keyboard, and screen settings).
What am I missing?

Re: Opaque mode key missing?

Posted: Mon 19. Aug 2019, 12:00
by mikycoud
I mean, do you, other cintiq pro (non touch version) users, have that key available to you on the top right angle of your Cintiq???

If yes, what firmware?
If no, then how do you activate Opaque mode (panel Off, but pen active surface On)?