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Pen lagging when moving fast

Posted: Sun 1. Sep 2019, 15:52
by CarmenSchweiger
I am using a Cintiq 13HD, the Driver is the latest,
While using Photoshop (latest version) it starts to lag in a strange way... when I draw super slowly it's fine but if I move the pen a little faster it follows the pen, but in a smaller radius, so where the pen touched the display nothing is drawn, but a bit displaced from that there is a smaller version of what I wanted and also it's not drawing simultaneously but a bit later..
I tried the pen in Aftereffects and it didn't lag...
(restart didn't help)

Where could be the problem and what can I do?
Thanks for your help


Re: Pen lagging when moving fast

Posted: Mon 2. Sep 2019, 07:13
by wacom5
Sounds like a software issue. Turn of any smoothing tools you may have enabled in Photoshop and see if there are any improvements.