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Cintiq Pro 32 ghosting and light bleed...

Wacom One, Cintiq and Cintiq Pro
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Joined: Sun 8. Sep 2019, 18:41

Cintiq Pro 32 ghosting and light bleed...

Postby Torquee » Sun 8. Sep 2019, 19:02

We just bought the flagship Cintiq Pro 32 for professional design work.

I had high expectations of course as we have heard so much positive from other professionals, however this particular Cintiq suffers not only from light bleeding but also severe ghosting!

It’s the worst ghosting I have seen since the first LCD screens on laptops in the 90’s. Working in 3D software on grey BGs makes me dizzy (thin lines and edges of objects suffers particularly) and Photoshop work is tricky when panning and sketching… Haven’t tried animation and video work yet but I can imagine the complications…

I assume my screen must be faulty and will ask to have it replaced. I cannot imagine Wacom would release a screen for professionals costing 3600 Eur in 2019 with these problems. Perhaps we have received a Chinese counterfeit copy? It is meant to be a top spec 10 bit IPS panel with 8ms response…

Anyway, I would like to hear if anyone else has received one with these problems. I have always had positive experience with Wacom products during the years so I am mighty surprised.

Ps. Have tried it on several powerful Macs (Mac Pro, MacBook Pro). It has not got any noticeable fan noise as we have heard from other users.

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Re: Cintiq Pro 32 ghosting and light bleed...

Postby kangum » Tue 24. Sep 2019, 01:11

my 2012 imac does this occasionally depending on background and how often something stays on the screen. so its not just older computers. I believe its who made the panel that effects it. LG or samsung panel ect. I do not have this issue with my 24 maybe you could try switching to a 24 if the 32 replacement does the same thing.

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Joined: Tue 10. Sep 2019, 08:30

Re: Cintiq Pro 32 ghosting and light bleed...

Postby wacom6 » Tue 24. Sep 2019, 06:59

Hi Torquee,

please contact Wacom Support directly in you region/language. http://support.wacom.com/ They can troubleshot and verify if your screen is really defective.


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