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Cintiq Pro 13

Cintiq and Cintiq Pro
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Joined: Tue 14. May 2019, 18:05

Cintiq Pro 13

Postby akhenaton » Tue 24. Sep 2019, 16:26


I got a Cintiq Pro 13 as a gift. I didn't know this surface was missing physical buttons...incredible.
Is there a smart way to switch from the cintiq to another monitor instead of using the touch menu?

I can't believe it tho... a display like this doesn't have a single button to toggle display !?
I know there is an option straight from the wacom desktop center but I would like to know if there's a more efficient way.
I have the bad feeling this is just to sell the wacom toggle thingy


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Re: Cintiq Pro 13

Postby wacom6 » Wed 25. Sep 2019, 09:25


what a nice gift. However, you can set up one of the buttons of your pen to toggle display. If you have one free of course.
Otherwise you can use a Pro Pen 3D or an ExpressKey Remote.

If your device was a gift a little investment in a "Wacom toggle thingy" might be not too expensive. ;-)


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Re: Cintiq Pro 13

Postby clarc9595 » Thu 14. Nov 2019, 12:25

For the PaintTool Sai software is unfortunately very old and undeveloped, Clip Studio Paint is very close fortunately for you ^ ^, it handles the touch well normally, but overall, most current software should +/- well manage.

For colors, this new model may have improved, so to see. After, without being excellent (at least compared to its price) the first version was very good anyway, so no reason that it is not here. After perso, I'm not too fan of touch, I have not on my 27 ", but on my Intuos Pro, but I cut it, it's sometimes a bit boring, and many people tend to disable the touch but in any case this one on the remote control with, I have the same on the 27, and it's very convenient, in addition you can use 3 different configurations (and therefore program a button to change config) I do not know if it's exactly the same, but it is normally magnetized to stick slightly to the edge of the screen.
By cons, just a joke, but Wacom should calm down with the edge of their screen, I find it uninteresting, it takes much more space unnecessarily (special mention to the 27 "who wins 5 cm on each side, or 10 in all on the width and the length ....) A small border I say not, but even on 13 there it seems quite pronounced ...

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