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[HELP]Greenish tint on my 27QHD screen after wakeup

Cintiq and Cintiq Pro
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[HELP]Greenish tint on my 27QHD screen after wakeup

Postby keiraworks » Fri 27. Sep 2019, 10:37

Hi guys, nice to meet you all
I have a question regarding of my Cintiq 27qhd that I've just bought yesterday.
there is a minor issue that makes the screen greenish tint after pc wakeup from sleep - usually after the long sleep such as above 5 minutes or so.
if I try to test the pc to sleep and then immediately wake it up, there's no greenish tint on it.

I try to capture the screen with my phone camera but the greenish tint is not visible, so there is no point posting it in here, but maybe ill try with a different camera if it shows the problem
The thing is, the Cintiq screen will gradually become normal a few minutes after wakeup, and if I factory reset it

what I have done is :
Change the cable into HDMI (not work)
connect the Cintiq into integrated graphics trying to identify if the problem is my GPU ( not work)
Change Nvidia color (not work)
edit color in the Wacom display setting ( not work, still have greenish after wakeup)

I want to use my Cintiq immediately after waking up my pc, so this problem is quite irritating for me.
I wonder if someone knows how to fix this, please let me know
My Cintiq is 27qhd non-touch, with display port connected into RTX 2060 Zotac

the rest of my pc spec :

Windows 10 1903
The latest driver from Wacom 6.3.36-1
i7 7700
500gbSSD OS drive
16Gb Ram Kingston
450w PSU
and secondary monitor 22 inch LG connected with HDMI into my GPU RTX 2060 Zotac

let me know if you need any other detail from my setup

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Re: [HELP]Greenish tint on my 27QHD screen after wakeup

Postby wacom5 » Wed 16. Oct 2019, 09:55

Please contact our support if you haven't already - https://%20support.wacom.com
Need immediate help? Contact our Support: https://support.wacom.com

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