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Black screen (solved)

Cintiq and Cintiq Pro
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Black screen (solved)

Postby Keyframer » Mon 30. Sep 2019, 04:03

I have been using a 22" Cintiq for few years.

After years of flawless service, my Cintiq's screen went black. The power light would remain on but no screen display. Just black. I troubleshooted the obvious; rebooted, updated drivers and connected the Cintiq to a different computer. Still black.
I googled and found several other Wacom Cintiq customers with the same issue. The only solution was to contact Wacom support and send it back to them for service along with warnings of how expensive such a repair would be.
I contacted Wacom CS and chatted with a rep and I explained the issue. He was well aware of what was defective and quoted a repair cost of $860 (not including shipping the very large/heavy device).

I pushed pause for a few days to weigh my options.

So I searched YouTube and the first guy I found was Ian Tomkins. He had mostly videos he shot in his basement fixing Cintiqs for a myriad of problems - mainly being the same black screen problem I experienced. So I started watching with high interest.

That's when I detected something very interesting to my ears. On occasion, Ian revealed to me a subtle accent every once in a while with certain words. It was the type of accent only someone from Massachusetts would detect. I dug a little further and found his email address. I asked him in an email if he happened to live in the Massachusetts area (where I live).

Ian replied.

He told me not only lives in Massachusetts but he's LESS THAN AN HOUR FROM ME! And he said he could fix my Cintiq and it would take about an hour.

I was going to drive to him so he could fix it at home, but it turns out he had to be in the town next to me this morning and offered to come TO MY HOUSE and make the repair!

He charged me $50. It took him less than an hour!

Ian showed me step-by-step how to get to and test each capacitor (about 10 of them) and how he quickly was able to replace the one that had failed. The capacitor itself is no bigger than a tic you'd find on your pet.

Hard to believe that something so tiny can cripple so much hardware. If you have the same problem - consider connecting with Ian and shipping your Cintiq to him. Just know this is not his fulltime job. It's more like a hobby.

Thank you Ian Tomkins!

NOTE: Ian usually charges more (around $150) because most people ship their Cintiqs to him and then he has to deal with shipping back. The fact he only had to come to me and I had already removed the back cover for him, he charged me less. But that is FAR LESS than what Wacom charges :(

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