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PROBLEM + IDEA / Feature Request | Cintiq Pro 24 | Anti-Glare Screen Material Causes Metallic Color Shift

Cintiq and Cintiq Pro
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PROBLEM + IDEA / Feature Request | Cintiq Pro 24 | Anti-Glare Screen Material Causes Metallic Color Shift

Postby ForestHymn » Wed 2. Oct 2019, 05:24

Dear Wacom development team,

I'm a digital illustrator and am writing with the purpose of sharing a problem, which I think is extremely bad for artists - with the Cintiq Pro line of monitors. Also hoping to share an idea for the improvement of these monitors - or a re-design idea. Something which people would buy. I know I would.

The Cintiq Pro pen displays would easily be a flawless painting tool for all artists, but they have a major design error. I'm really surprised this design problem went through, and that the monitors are sold this way. The problem is - the material that covers the monitors, when not viewed at precisely 90 degrees, will shift in color - in a metallic / psychedelic way - to a different color - also with a hazy darkness that creeps over the borders when changing viewing position - even by a tiny bit... This is unbelievable, and very frustrating for artists. The most important thing for an artist is to SEE their work, accurately. When painting, for example, you are trying to make conscious color choices to advance the painting. If you cannot trust your vision from one angle, you are then forced to "bob" your head from side to side to accurately see the colors at 90 degrees.. It is honestly, excruciating/ frustrating to paint in this way..

What I mean by psychedelic color shift is = I'm painting an image with an animal. There are reddish browns - that is the color I want. When the screen is viewed at even the slightest angle shift - I mean - tiny - I'm still sitting on a chair, in front of the computer. But simply focusing on one side of the screen with my vision - causes the OTHER side of the screen to SHIFT to a darker, greenish, metallic brown.... Not the color I chose. Not the color of the the pixels... but an illusion caused by the material of the screen! This makes screen edges seem darker and with a weird shift in color.. This throws off basic color evaluation. This color shift is most visible on medium to light colors. Really dark colors might not show as visible a shift, simply because they are dark, and hide the shift a bit.

It's like painting on a canvas this is always fluctuating with a psychedelic color sheen - getting in the way, separating your vision - from the painting.

Regarding an idea for a solution. I guess this would be a "feature request" or... "Product request??" :
These displays - in EVERY other way - are absolutely beautiful. Perfect, even. The Wacom Color Calibration system works beautifully, especially on the 4K Cintiq Pro 24. Gorgeous monitor, gorgeous color gamut.. It would be a pleasure to work with. If ONLY... it weren't for this... maddening screen metallic color shift..

So simply wanted to share some ideas:
The release of a Cintiq Pro 24 - with a perfectly transparent, REFLECTIVE screen material. I say reflective, because I don't trust anti-glare screens these days - they tend to produce weird color shifts like these.. I don't really understand why that is. Is it that people want "special effects" on their monitor?? I know the old Wacom Cintiq 22HD, has a sort of "anti-glare screen" and yet - it's transparent, and produces no funky color shifts at all. Sure, the texture is smooth, like glass. Honestly, I like glass texture far more than "paper" imitation. But, I guess the idea is - whatever it is - a bit anti-glare, or a beautiful, reflective screen (like the iMac Retina screens, as a perfect example) - there are artists who would prefer to use a reflective screen, or a smooth glass-like screen, over a monitor that shows color shift with changing angle. A 4K monitor that has no color shift. This is kind of an unacceptable problem for painters.

Color shift in a monitor is fine in an entertainment monitor. Where you are just watching and not creating anything. But this is a PRODUCTION monitor... designed to draw and paint on. It needs to let the user SEE what color they choose - PERFECTLY.. Not having need to bob their head side to side like an owl, just to get a vague idea of what colors on earth they have chosen. This metallic sheen is like a "special effect". This is NOT GOOD for a production monitor. Artists... just want a transparent screen. Nothing more. It doesn't have to be fancy - just strong, durable, perfectly transparent. No special effects. Glare can be controlled by the person. They can make the room darker. But there's NOTHING you can do, to fix a screen with shifting color at different angles.

What hurts is, these monitors are so beautiful. The color gamut is SPOT ON.. beautiful.. and yet, the most basic thing - the screen cover, has a ridiculous color shift... Just... WHY... If Wacom would release a Cintiq Pro 24 with perfectly transparent, reflective screen cover... I would pay thousands for that monitor. I really would.. I'd buy it in a heartbeat. Internal color-calibration... drawing, 4K... wow. But screen material has to show the true color across the ENTIRE screen, without having to move my head when painting.. A really simple, and basic need of every artist.

Thank you so much for reading this! I hope the tone is not rude or offensive. I love Wacom products.. But the experience with these monitors has been painful, and deeply disappointing, just due to this flaw.

If other members are bothered by this too, it would be great to hear from you! and see if these ideas resonate with other painters.
I remember reading from another post, someone was so frustrated with this color shift, which they compared to having an acid drug filter over your eyes... that they wanted to literally rip the anti-glare screen off with an exacto. Terrible idea of course, as the anti-glare screen is bonded to the monitor.
But... that goes to show how frustrating this thing is. That you just want to rip it off to simply be able to SEE what on earth you're painting without psychedelic dynamic effects.

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Re: PROBLEM + IDEA / Feature Request | Cintiq Pro 24 | Anti-Glare Screen Material Causes Metallic Color Shift

Postby wacom4 » Fri 4. Oct 2019, 11:21

Thanks a lot for the detailed post!
I have forwarded it to our product teams. As usual with enhancement requests: I cannot tell if we can make this requested change.

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Joined: Tue 1. Oct 2019, 23:28

Re: PROBLEM + IDEA / Feature Request | Cintiq Pro 24 | Anti-Glare Screen Material Causes Metallic Color Shift

Postby ForestHymn » Sat 5. Oct 2019, 01:32

I understand.. Thank you so much for sharing this with the team!

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