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Cintiq Pro 13 recovering from screen off issues (Windows)

Cintiq and Cintiq Pro
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Cintiq Pro 13 recovering from screen off issues (Windows)

Postby Kampidh » Fri 25. Oct 2019, 13:01

My coworker recently bought a Cintiq Pro 13 for his current workstation. He use it as a secondary display.
OS: Windows 10 Pro
The system works fine, but we encountered few issues:

1. Whenever the screen goes off (windows power setting, sleep disabled), it took a pretty long time to recover back to desktop, compared to my old Cintiq 13HD. And after the screen goes back on, the application is returning to primary display, rather than returning to secondary/cintiq display (as if the screen has been disconnected and reconnected). And again, compared to my 13HD on my own system, it works just fine. For further information, my coworker use SAI for the application.

2. Tablet mode behaves erratically. He sometimes accidentally bumped into tablet mode on the touch keys. And when changed back into display mode, the pen mapping suddenly spanned across both screens, we even already changed the pen mapping into cintiq display, but it didn't work. It requires him to restart the system to fix it. (Probably add a support to disable the touch keys completely?)

Any feedback and solutions are greatly appreciated, thank you!

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Re: Cintiq Pro 13 recovering from screen off issues (Windows)

Postby wacom5 » Fri 25. Oct 2019, 13:21


Please make sure everything is updated - OS, Wacom driver, graphics driver etc.
Also make sure the device is well connected. Which video connection are you using and are you using any extra adapters?

The Cintiq is build to wake up from sleep if it receives a video signal. If the Cintiq Pro is not waking up it's because the video signal is not reaching it sooner.

For the second issue, please contact our support and provide them the log files:
  • Open the Wacom Desktop Center
  • Click on "Support" and then on "Driver Logging"
  • Enable logging and replicate the issue
  • Go back to the "Driver Logging" section, disable logging and package the file

Once you have the file, contact our support and send them the file - https://support.wacom.com
Need immediate help? Contact our Support: https://support.wacom.com

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Joined: Fri 25. Oct 2019, 12:34

Re: Cintiq Pro 13 recovering from screen off issues (Windows)

Postby Kampidh » Fri 25. Oct 2019, 14:51

Thanks for the feedback.

The system is up to date (OS, display, and wacom drivers). It is connected from DP output of the video card (gtx 1060) to the mini DP input of the included wacom link. At first, we were suspecting the DP cable. But after trying with another cable, the issue still persists.
It didn't affect with any performance whatsoever, but moving the application window each time after the screen sleep is a little bit of hassle.
(Although I will try to replicate it with my current 13HD with SAI as well, to see whether it is a software related or not.)
(Update: it works fine on my system with 13HD)

And for the second issue, we will reach Wacom support as soon as possible.

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