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Avoiding automatic Toggle Display

Cintiq and Cintiq Pro
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Avoiding automatic Toggle Display

Postby akhenaton » Sat 26. Oct 2019, 17:18

Hello all,

I have a Cintiq Pro 13 connected to a laptop - Omen - with Windows 10.

So far my Cintiq is mapped to both monitors so I can navigate easily.
But there is one annoying thing happening : everytime I open an image, a video or another software, Windows or the Cintiq are automatically swapping to one single monitor.
So I need to re-toogle in order to use both monitors.

Isn't there an option telling the system - or some preferences - to NOT toggle monitors while opening a video for example?

Thanks a lot!

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Re: Avoiding automatic Toggle Display

Postby wacom5 » Mon 28. Oct 2019, 13:49

Do you mean that Windows switches the Displays from Extended to mirrored, or do you mean that the pen mapping which is set to extended is changing to Display 1 or Display 2?
If the later, please reset the driver preferences.

If the issue is the former, please check your graphics card driver and settings and maybe update Windows. That issue is not related with Wacom.
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Re: Avoiding automatic Toggle Display

Postby akhenaton » Tue 29. Oct 2019, 16:54

Ye I definitely think it's windows doing this but there is no info on how to deactivate this.
Any ideas?

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