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Cintiq Pro 24 touch- Pen and Touch problem

Posted: Mon 28. Oct 2019, 15:02
by diegorodriguez
Hi, the problem I have with my Cintiq pro 24 touch is that all works fine but after using it some minutes, can be 5, 30 or 45, its random, the pen and touch stop working.
Mouse, expresskey and keyboard woks normally but pen and touch stop workin and only I can fix that problem rebooting windows 10, but then the same thing happens again all the time.

I triying all and I cant solve this problem, obviously I cant use, is impossible to work of this way.

Please I need help, I talked with Wacom by phone but all their solutions not work...

Re: Cintiq Pro 24 touch- Pen and Touch problem

Posted: Fri 29. May 2020, 15:57
by totem3d
Hi Diego,

I know is a bit old but have you managed to solve your issue? I had the same symptoms on my Cintiq 27QHD 2 years ago and each month was on and off up to the point it completely stop working. A few weeks back suddenly worked for a couple of days, but then died again. Now it is just a really expensive video monitor but completely useless pen and touch functions.