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Cintiq 16 loosing pressure

Posted: Sat 2. Nov 2019, 12:34
by Piroro
I have an issue with my Cintiq 16 "loosing pressure" while I draw with it in photoshop. I'll try to describe the problem.

When I draw a line, sometimes, for a tenth of a second, the tablet detects a pressure that is null (or almost null) leaving a blank part in the middle of my drawing. It happens although the pressure I really apply on the pen doesn't change. An example below :


On the left is a line that is drawn normally. On the right is a line where the pressure has dropped in the middle of the drawing.
It happens on any part of the screen.

I tried changing the pressure settings and the issue happens no matter how I configure them. I also changed the nib of the pen, with no result.
My drivers are up to date, and so is windows.

While doing tests I noticed that the pressure showed in the settings when I draw does something like this :


It seems to be a hardware problem and I don't know where it comes from, the tablet or the pen, and if it can be fixed.

The tablet is one month and a half old. This started happening maybe two weeks ago, for no apparent reason, and it's deteriorating, happening more and more often.

Re: Cintiq 16 loosing pressure

Posted: Mon 4. Nov 2019, 15:48
by wacom5
Does it do the same with the eraser end of the pen? Does it do the same with a different software?
Please contact our support -

Re: Cintiq 16 loosing pressure

Posted: Thu 7. Nov 2019, 17:40
by Piroro
I don't use the eraser end often, but I made tests and it seems the issue doesn't happen with it.

I don't have other drawing softwares that use pressure sensitivity to perform other tests.

Re: Cintiq 16 loosing pressure

Posted: Fri 8. Nov 2019, 15:38
by wacom5
If this doesn't happen with the eraser end, then the problem is the standard end of the pen and you need a pen replacement. Please contact support and explain the situation -