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Pro 16 loses calibration on wake from sleep (MacOS)

Cintiq and Cintiq Pro
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Pro 16 loses calibration on wake from sleep (MacOS)

Postby truebeliever1 » Sun 3. Nov 2019, 17:28


I have a Cintiq Pro 16 and a Macbook Pro, connected through USB-C. Sometimes when my computer sleeps then wakes up, the Cintiq loses its calibration and the cursor is offset a long way from the pen. I cannot recalibrate the screen because the "Calibrate..." button in system preferences is greyed out. Other times neither pen or touch work on wake from sleep. Plugging and unplugging the tablet sometimes get it to recognise the pen again.

When it detects the pen, I can restore calibration by reloading my backed-up preferences file (after this, calibration is restored and the Calibrate button is not greyed-out). But having to do this every time my computer sleeps is a huge pain. Has anyone else experienced this? Thanks!

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Re: Pro 16 loses calibration on wake from sleep (MacOS)

Postby wacom5 » Mon 4. Nov 2019, 15:42

Sounds as if the Wacom Driver is not waking up from sleep. Something might be blocking it form doing so. Try uninstalling and reinstalling the latest driver first.

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