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new Mac user, Cintiq 21 UX wield shaking connecting with 2013IMAC

Cintiq and Cintiq Pro
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new Mac user, Cintiq 21 UX wield shaking connecting with 2013IMAC

Postby Xingxiulaoxian » Mon 18. Nov 2019, 00:16

Hello hope someone would help me because I am a PC person just start to use Mac 2 days ago:

The problem is:
when I am drawing in photoshop/other apps the whole monitor screen is having subtle shake at first. Then after maybe 2-5 min, it is shaking crazy like the screen got earthquake. I am sure the cables are fine because I connected the same cintq21UX 2nd gen monitor to my PC and my surface pro 4 , I could draw without any issue, no shaking at all.

the Mac is IMac (late 2013 version) with latest macOS10.15.1 I bought from company coworker
I tried to install the latest Driver 6.3.37-3 (macOS 10.11 - 10.15) - 90.0 MB
Then noticed the Wacome Desktop Center can not recognize the Cintiq. I searched online, checked the security & privacy accessibility, add photoshop and all drawing apps, add Wacome Desktop Center , WacomTabletDriver, WacomTouchDriver.
The Automation only has WacomTabletDriver with system preferences checked, no other icons showed up.

I restart machine checked the above set, it was still like that, I open Wacome Desktop Center, it can not recognize any connection. But my Cintiq does have pen pressure in photoshop and other drawing apps. So I felt not big issue then start to draw, I just need to control pen pressure etc from Finder>system prefernces, and control the wacome tablet there.

But my issue is the shaking screen.
I did about 30min draw yesterday on that poor monitor and felt dizzy vomit headache so switch back to my surface pro with Cintiq, but it will be great if I could fix this issue.
Thanks a lot first!

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Re: new Mac user, Cintiq 21 UX wield shaking connecting with 2013IMAC

Postby wacom5 » Mon 18. Nov 2019, 08:19

First I would like to clarify a couple of things:
  • The Wacom Desktop Center does not support the Cintiq 21UX, this is why you won't see it there. Aside from that, if you already completed all the privacy ans security steps then you should be covered. Seems like the driver is working fine and detecting the device since Pen Pressure is working. To get to the settings open the Apple Menu > System Preferences > Wacom
  • The Wacom Driver has no influence over the video signal whatsoever. The Driver only processes the Input data from the pen and the Side Buttons of the Cintiq. This Data is transmitted through the USB cable.
As for the real issue, seems like you may have a defective video signal adapter. If I got it right, your iMac only has 2 Thunderbolt ports wich means you are using some kind of Thunberbolt <-> DVI adapter. I would start here and if the issue persists, check the iMacs graphics card for issues.
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