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Cintiq Randomly Loses Signal - Continually Resetting

Cintiq and Cintiq Pro
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Cintiq Randomly Loses Signal - Continually Resetting

Postby Oliverojm » Mon 18. Nov 2019, 20:59

I have been running a Cintiq22HD on my Late 2014 iMac for 5 years with no issue. I have updated to Catalina, but the problem was persistent prior to that update, and I have updated to the current 6.3.37-3 Wacom driver. The graphics card is an AMD Radeon RX M290X 2GB and I have no other graphics issues or problems with the pen technology of the tablet. I am using StarTech firebolt adapter as suggested by Wacom technical support.

For the past few months, and increasingly so, my Cintiq just loses signal and goes black. It doesn't seem to worsen under any particular circumstances like heavy graphics pressure or anything. I just goes black, and requires me to turn it off and on. Usually one reset will work, sometimes it takes a couple. Sometimes the screen will turn on, but remain black until I go to the Cintiq menu and reset the "Other Settings." I can stretches of days where it doesn't happen, then days where it happens 30 times in a work day.

I struggle to believe it's a graphics card issue as I have NO other display problems. I've also tried other outlets to makes sure there wasn't a power issue from the wall.

Any ideas? Should I try buying a new 3-in-1 or are wires aging not usually much of an issue?
I'm lost.
ANY ideas would be appreciated!!

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Re: Cintiq Randomly Loses Signal - Continually Resetting

Postby wacom5 » Tue 19. Nov 2019, 08:16

Other than checking another adapter / cable, I recommend that you contact our support - https://support.wacom.com
Need immediate help? Contact our Support: https://support.wacom.com

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Re: Cintiq Randomly Loses Signal - Continually Resetting

Postby Oliverojm » Thu 21. Nov 2019, 00:01

It seems replacing the DVI cable has worked.

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