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Difference between pro24 pen and pro Touch?

Posted: Tue 31. Dec 2019, 10:22
by IsmaelSwiss
Hello everybody,

I hesitate between these two versions and I would like to know if the screens of these two tablets (touch and not touch) are different?

I'm talking about the screen and the surface of the screen. I was told that the screen was more fragile and it scratches more easily.

It's impossible for me to find a showroom near me to test these two models, I refer to you.
I understand that the touch function is not always precise, I'm an illustrator and I often use the rotation functions in Photoshop, so I would like to know if it is worth paying more for the touch function, without losing quality of the screen.

Thanxs for your answers,

Re: Difference between pro24 pen and pro Touch?

Posted: Thu 2. Jan 2020, 09:26
by wacom5
The screen is exactly the same. The only difference is that one of the units has a capacitive touch sensor.
Here are some details of the touch sensor:
  • Touch Active Area - 522.432 x 293.868 mm (same as the Pen Sensor)
  • Resolution - 0.025 mm/point
  • Coordinate Accuracy - ± 1mm (Center)
  • Maximum Report Rate - 100 point/sec