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Cintiq 16 - Display Settings

Posted: Fri 10. Jan 2020, 16:04
by Gregow
I have a couple of questions about the display settings for the Cintiq 16.

When changing brightness, contrast, white balance and custom color - are all of these settings on the display hardware itself, or are some settings made on the signal from the graphics card?

I'm assuming that brightness, contrast and white balance directly affect the display hardware, while custom color is on the graphics card. Would be great to know for sure though, as it's important for calibration/profiling (for example, not so good to change the RGB gain if it's at a graphics card level, if you're then loading a display profile that changes the graphics card curves).

My other question is, why such low range of brightness in the settings? I get that you can't make the display brighter than the backlight allows, but minimum brightness at default contrast level is 125 nits. I find that to be quite the high minimum level. I tend to work in a dim environment and find myself having to make the compromise between a bit too bright display or lowering the contrast.

Perhaps this could be addressed in a future firmware update?

Re: Cintiq 16 - Display Settings

Posted: Mon 13. Jan 2020, 11:23
by wacom5
All Display Settings are stored in the device once the "Save" button is pressed. If you plug the Cintiq to a different computer with a different OS even, all the settings you had previously will remain.

As for the minimum brightness, I'm not entirely sure why we can't go lower but I will forward your feedback to the product developers.