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Cintic 13 pro problem

Posted: Wed 29. Jan 2020, 09:35
by Mixuel
When using "touch off" on Cintic 13 pro the tablet is not working correctly. Pointer jumping and showing two pointers on desktop.
A lot of problems with lately with Catalina and MacbookPro (yes, done the accesibility settings).

Also Intuos pro having problems on Photoshop. Not drawing correctly at times - have to unplug the device to make it work.

Would be nice to have these in a stable state. Then I would stop updating everything for a while. Updates on Mac or PS seems to break this.

Re: Cintic 13 pro problem

Posted: Thu 30. Jan 2020, 10:33
by wacom5
Typically, if the accessibility settings are done correctly there are no issues after. Mind you that you will also need to set accessibility for each application you are using.

The Touch issue was a bug which was fixed with the latest Catalina driver: ... .3.38.html

As for the issues with Intuos Pro, try removing your preferences and see if the issue still occurs.

Re: Cintic 13 pro problem

Posted: Tue 4. Feb 2020, 08:04
by Mixuel
I'm using Driver 6.3.38-3. The problem still exists with Cintiq 13 pro.

Now, in Photoshop CC with Intuos pro s, there is a bug: sometimes when
masking or drawing nothing is happening. When left mouse button is pressed it
starts to work again also on the Wacom.

The problem I described before with Intuos and Photoshop (not drawing correctly) has
dissapeared as I changed "preserve details" to off from Photoshop/Preferences/technology previews/.
Got this hint from another forum...

Re: Cintic 13 pro problem

Posted: Tue 4. Feb 2020, 09:44
by wacom5
Understood. Please report this to the support team.