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Cintiq Pro 16 - Pen disconnects after a minute

Posted: Wed 5. Feb 2020, 09:59
by virtualisoftware
Hello, I just found this problem with a Cintiq Pro 16:

After a minute or so, the included Pro Pen 2 stops working. The tablet is connected to the PC to the USB-C port of the ASUS nVidia 2080ti card, and powered using its own power adapter. Reconnecting the powercable, which restarts the table, fixes the problem, until the next minute or so, when the pen disconnects again, over and over.

- The displays is still working after the pen stops.

- Multitouch is still working after the pen stops.

- I'm NOT using any application, the disconnect happens when simply using the pen as a mouse over the Windows Desktop. If I enter the Wacom diagnostic when the pen is still working, I can see the pen coordinates and buttons reported normally when I move it, until they just stop after 1-2 minutes.

- the pen is still visible in the Wacom properties after it has stopped

- I'm using Windows 10 fully updated. nVidia drivers are the latest ( as of today ) "Studio Drivers" version 442.19. My primary display it's a Dell U4919DW, a 49" 32:9 running in 5120x1440 resolution. Wacom drivers are the latest 6.3.38-2

- Tried all kind of Dual mode settings ( Windows Key + P ), like extend, clone, secondary only, tablet as primary, no change.

I'm 100% sure it's NOT an hardware problem because, it happens on Windows only. No problems whatsoever using it on my MacBook Pro 16", I can use it for hours with no disconnections.

Re: Cintiq Pro 16 - Pen disconnects after a minute

Posted: Wed 5. Feb 2020, 10:45
by wacom5

Please open Wacom Desktop Center> Support > Driver logging enable logging and once the issue occurs gather the files. Then please contact our support and send them the files so they can help you -