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Cintiq 22 vs Cintiq 22 HD (older model)

Cintiq and Cintiq Pro
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Cintiq 22 vs Cintiq 22 HD (older model)

Postby DMurray2020 » Thu 19. Mar 2020, 16:39


I am looking to replace my dying Cintiq 21UX with either a Cintiq 22 or the older Cintiq 22 HD.

I have read some reviews on Amazon that suggest the display of the Cintiq 22 can be scratched easily with the stylus. I've had my 21UX for almost 10 years and can barely see any marks on the screen, so am wondering if I would be better with a 22HD, as it looks to have the same screen covering as my 21UX.

The resolution between the 21UX (1600 x 1200) and the newer 22 (1920 x1080) isn't much different, just a different aspect.

Even after all this time the 22HD is about £500 more than the newer 22.

I wonder if anyone here has moved over from the older 21UK to the new 22 or 22HD? If so, how do you find the screen?

Thanks Mr M
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Re: Cintiq 22 vs Cintiq 22 HD (older model)

Postby wacom5 » Fri 20. Mar 2020, 09:48

The "scratches" some users have reported is nib residue the that nib leaves on the display and can be cleaned by following the standard cleaning instructions in the product manual. Please mind that the pen nibs are specifically designed and to wear off and not scratch the screen. It is physically impossible for a clean nib to scratch any Wacom display.
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