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unusual pressure behavior issue

Posted: Tue 12. May 2020, 15:24
by Iorgdan

For the past week I have been getting these issues with my cintiq in photoshop but the problem seems to be linked to the cintiq, as I get the same issue when I test it.

I have been searching for the solution online but can't seem to find the exact appropriate term for it.

I've already been using the old psuserconfig.txt trick for years now, so that's not it. I've tried a bunch of usual ways and tweaks to solve it, but none seem to work...

Please help, this is very frustrating...

Re: unusual pressure behavior issue

Posted: Wed 13. May 2020, 07:24
by wacom5
Does the eraser end of the Pen behave the same way?

I assumed you are using Windows because you mentioned the PSUserConfig workaround but can you confirm the OS version and Wacom Driver version you have installed? Please also confirm which Wacom device you are using.

Re: unusual pressure behavior issue

Posted: Sun 28. Jun 2020, 06:52
by TeresaWicks
I am also experiencing a similar problem as you. And I have yet to find a solution, can you share it with me. I would love to solve it quickly