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Navigation Devices?

Posted: Wed 20. May 2020, 13:22
by Coiler
So I'm still new to graphics/drawing tablets. But its hard for me to imagine becoming efficient at holding the pen buttons to rotate/pan/zoom the camera in between drawing or sculpting strokes. Especially with sculpting, where I like to rotate a lot, to see changes at different angles - probably rotation every 3-5 strokes).

So what I'm wondering is if anyone has looked into a secondary device that would be useful for camera navigation (plus all necessary hot-keys in apps like ZBrush)? I considered using a left hand gaming mouse on the left side of my gigantic tablet, but I honestly don't know if I have enough room. And I certainly don't want to scoot a mouse around on the tablet itself. But a mouse seems like a decent choice. At default, the "cursor" movement could be set to rotate the camera, which removes any buttons from the action. Then one or two buttons could be assigned to change that movement to pan and zoom. But such a mouse would need to have a lot of buttons to remove the need for a keyboard or the wacom remote.

Has anyone found anything that would work well with apps like ZBrush and Substance Painter? I've search on Google and Amazon, but I can't seem to get either to understand what I'm looking for. Just a lot of results of people trying to switch between mouse and tablet/pen.

Appreciate any advice!

Re: Navigation Devices?

Posted: Fri 22. May 2020, 07:21
by wacom5
I think you already know this but if you consider the Pro line of Wacom products, you have the Pro Pen 3D which was made 3D designers in mind.
Other Pro line products like the Intuos Pro and the Cintiq Pro 24/32 also provide solutions with physical programmable shortkeys which help with this.

Re: Navigation Devices?

Posted: Fri 22. May 2020, 12:32
by Coiler
I own the 3D Pen, but I have not noticed much improvement over the standard pen in its ability to navigate 3D cameras, except the 3rd button. Maybe I just haven't realized its full potential?

Part of my issue with this setup is needing to stop sculpting, look down at my pen to figure out what orientation the buttons are at, rotate the pen in my hand, push the correct button, wave it around to rotate/pan, then finally release and continue working. Its a lot of steps. I may be able to improve at keeping the buttons oriented correctly as I work so I don't need to look at it and rotate it, but I still feel like having a rotation device ready on my left hand would be more comfortable and efficient. My pen hand would only need to lift off of the surface and wait for the camera to reach its target, then go at it again. However, I have not tried it. I have several mice types (laser, tracking ball, etc), and I plan to test it out soon with what I have. But they are all right handed. So I was wondering if anyone has successfully set something like that up?

Or even better, if there is a sophisticated remote out there that has some type of joystick setup or any device that controls direction, that would probably rock. Or maybe even some type of analog gamepad. I need to look into that.