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Pro pen 3D bug

Posted: Fri 5. Jun 2020, 18:11
by elsevilla
Hi Wacom, I noticed this bug ever since I bought the pen, randomly after time using the pen, the software of the pen adds another pen as "Pro pen 2" and I've never put the pen near the tablet, I've even got the old pen on a closet in a box.

So why the pen software adds an extra pro pen 2 randomly next to the Pro pen 3d?

Re: Pro pen 3D bug

Posted: Mon 8. Jun 2020, 06:58
by wacom5
Which Operating System and Wacom tablet model are you using?
Haven't heard anything about such a bug. Are you recovering your preferences when this happens? Typically, removing an input device by pressing the "-" button will do it permanently. However, if your preferences backup includes this pen (even if you never changed the settings) it will load them back up.
If this is not the issue, there could be a instance where the driver reads the Pro Pen 3D as a Pro Pen 2 and then adds it to the settings panel. Will be hard to tell what really causes it without knowing when it happens so if you can notice this it would be great.

Re: Pro pen 3D bug

Posted: Fri 12. Jun 2020, 18:10
by elsevilla
I use windows 10 1903