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Problem with On-Screen Controls

Posted: Fri 5. Jun 2020, 21:10
by DocPit45
I recently purchased a Cintiq 24 Pro. Beautiful tablet, but one big problem. If I rotate the Cintiq on the ergo stand to a vertical position, the on screen controls are at my lower right. Regardless how careful I am, I often manage to brush my forearm against some button that signals to the tablet a change in input mode, so the tablet goes blank. I have to turn the tablet off, then back on. Then, I have to move the Photoshop window back on to the tablet. I disabled the on screen controls through Wacom Tablet Properties>Cintiq Pro 24 P>Functions>On-Screen Controls>Options>Disable All Tablet Buttons. That has not solved the problem. Any assistance would be much appreciated.

Re: Problem with On-Screen Controls

Posted: Mon 8. Jun 2020, 07:46
by wacom5
You are confusing On-Screen Controls with Touch Keys. These are 2 entirely separate things.
On-Screen Controls are programmable virtual keys which you can make appear on the screen to execute pre-determined functions. Touch Keys are Soft-touch Physical Keys that have the functions you mentioned.
Please check your product manual for more information:

The Touch Keys are not programmable and you won't be able to turn them Off.

Re: Problem with On-Screen Controls

Posted: Tue 9. Jun 2020, 00:55
by DocPit45
Thanks for the information.