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Can a Cintiq do this?

Posted: Mon 8. Jun 2020, 06:03
by river251
I know with an Intuos, you draw and the picture shows up in a window on your computer screen.
If you draw on a Cintiq, it shows up on the Cintiq screen.

I have ordered a Cintiq 16 (non-pro) Medium; using Macbook Pro and latest OS. I need to draw on the Cintiq and have the drawing be produced in a window on the Mac screen, as it would with an Intuos.

This is for lecturing in a neuroscience class. I will capture my Mac screeen, which will have 3 windows: powerpoint, video of me lecturing, and a window where my drawings appear. I would like to paste finished drawings into the powerpoint if possible.

Thanks for any help.....

Re: Can a Cintiq do this?

Posted: Mon 8. Jun 2020, 07:15
by wacom5
You can mirror any display into the Cintiq meaning that what you see (and draw) on the Cintiq can also be viewed in other display. This setup is independent from Wacom and is done through the Operating System. Regarding drawing and pasting finished drawings in PowerPoint, it really depends on which drawing software you use. You can also draw directly in power point if you need to.

Re: Can a Cintiq do this?

Posted: Mon 8. Jun 2020, 07:40
by river251
Thank you. That is good news. I think what you’re saying is that the Cintiq is just another monitor to the computer, and I can move the window that my drawing appears in on the Cintiq to my main Mac monitor, where the PowerPoint and video of me appear. That sounds great, if I can actually draw in PowerPoint. I guess I am still getting used to the idea that the Cintiq Is a Monitor and I can do anything there that I can do in any other window on my main monitor. So I guess I could open a PowerPoint window, select the drawing tool and just make my drawings right there. Cool, thank you.