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BLUE TINT on Cintiq screen

Wacom One, Cintiq and Cintiq Pro
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Joined: Tue 9. Jun 2020, 06:44

BLUE TINT on Cintiq screen

Postby DeSilva » Tue 9. Jun 2020, 06:54

Hello. I have had my Cintiq 27"HD for almost 5 years now. Very often the screen has a blue tint that will not go away. I have an iMac with a NVIDIA geForce GTX775 graphics card. I have checked all cables that are plugged into the Cintiq and the computer. I have replaced the Mini Display Port adaptor (StarTech) that connects the tablet to the iMac. I have also tested the Cintiq on a different iMac with a different graphics card (AMD Radeon Pro 570) with the same result. I have disconnected any network cables; disconnected my NAS drive; disconnected from the internet altogether and removed any bluetooth or wireless devices that may cause any kind of interference. Wacom has been no help whatsoever. Does anyone have any idea what's going on? Thanks.

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Re: BLUE TINT on Cintiq screen

Postby worldclock2017 » Wed 10. Jun 2020, 04:32

I really wish I could help you. This worries me. I also have a 27QHD and am worried this is going to happen to me again.

I bought a 21"UX years ago, and paid $2000 for it. That's right, $2000 for a 21" monitor that has pen input. Lasted me about 4 1/2 years until it started turning on/off all the time. Wacom agreed to fix it for another $900 plus shipping, so i figured it wasn't worth it so I dropped another $3700 on a 27QHD. That's almost $6000 on a 21" monitor and a 27" monitor. Go to Best Buy and a great 27" monitor can be had for 200 bucks. I guess the other $3500 is for the pen input capability or something...... I can't see myself doing this again. A small monitor like this that costs that kind of money should be lasting a minimum of 10 years, not 4 or 5. I have a 24" HP monitor that is still going strong and is now over 15 years old. Do the math. If this QHD prematurely breaks down on me next, I'm going to start to have to look at different manufacturers when shopping for another tablet. There's no way I can go and drop thousands more on another monitor that's going to conk out on me in 4 years again.

My only suggestion to you is try Wacom again. They agreed to fix my 21UX years ago, and at that time the 21 was out of production- but they still agreed. I can't remember which Wacom branch I called, but I think the person on the phone was located in the USA- I seem to be thinking Portland, Oregon. See if you can find a direct phone number into their office there and see what can be done. The 27QHD is still used by many current artists so I would like to imagine they will still help you out.

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