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Heavy Screen Burn-In / Persistence Cintiq Pro 16

Cintiq and Cintiq Pro
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Joined: Wed 1. Jul 2020, 14:53

Heavy Screen Burn-In / Persistence Cintiq Pro 16

Postby Patator » Wed 1. Jul 2020, 15:25


I am quite puzzled because my Cintiq Pro 16 after only a few weeks, not every day utilization shows heavy Burn-In and flickering on the edges rapidly growing larger over time.

How is it possible that an LCD screen show such an issue so fast? I know it may happen but it should mostly be persistence, go away rapidly when changing image/background and only happen after displaying images for a very long time. E.g. my main monitor displays the window taskbar for years now (4K) and no persistence/burn-in so far.

I tried the Screen Conditioning and other Burn in wipers without any noticeable effect.

Tried the tablet on other devices, and the same burnt in image displays, ruling out any issue with the graphic card.


  • Has anyone else had this issue? What was done?
  • Is this true for all Cintiqs 16 Pro and not a problem of that particular device
  • If the screen is so sensible: how can it be used in real life?!!!! I mean when drawing it will last for hours and then burn-in? That would be crazy...

I really hope to find some advice here because the device is really not cheap and that would be a total product fail...


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Joined: Tue 8. Aug 2017, 14:35

Re: Heavy Screen Burn-In / Persistence Cintiq Pro 16

Postby wacom5 » Thu 2. Jul 2020, 12:44

You need to get in touch with support to resolve this issue.
Need immediate help? Contact our Support:

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