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Posted: Wed 1. Jul 2020, 23:03
by lbilliau
Hi folks,
After 10 years, My Cintiq 22HD just randomly stopped working. It seems the USB cable is the reason, as the display works. When I open the wacom driver center i'm told there is no wacom device connected. I tried every usb ports on my computer, with no success.
Of course this happens when i'm working for several clients at the same time...

I can't find the serial Number on my device, wacoms says under the left leg of the stand but i cannot see anything.

Any help greatly appreciated.
Also, does the new CINTIQ 22HD works on the old Stand ? (I like to draw with my display vertical)

Re: CINTIQ 22 HD USB doesnt WORK

Posted: Thu 2. Jul 2020, 12:51
by wacom5
Please check the manual of your Cintiq 22. You should be able to open the back and replace the USB cable or just check if it is properly plugged.
Check the "Connect with a different cable" section under "Get started with your creative pen display"
The new Cintiq 22 is not compatible with the previous stand unfortunately.