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Mapping Cintiq 13HD to an UltraWide display (dual monitor setup)

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Mapping Cintiq 13HD to an UltraWide display (dual monitor setup)

Postby puddlefisher » Sat 18. Mar 2017, 07:02

Hi gang!

My setup:
I use a dual-monitor setup for my Cintiq 13HD - resembling an Intuos type of functionality. I normally view the desktop monitor while I work, but glance down at the Cintiq's display for fine details (using "toggle display").

I recently made the jump to UltraWide with a display - an LG 38UC99-W:

So now my set-up looks something like this (not exactly as I pulled this from the interwebs):


My problem
I can't seem to be able to map the active area on my Cintiq 13HD to accommodate for the extra width of the second display - resulting in my input being warped / stretched. For instance, if I were to draw a square on my Cintiq, due to containing the UltraWide proportions in the not-so-ultra-wide active area on the Cintiq, the square becomes this:

I included a red square for comparison.

Of course, I anticipated that this would occur, but I had hoped to use the mapping tools to compensate for the extra width to force the proportions on my Cintiq's active area. But I didn't find any mapping tools that I expected in my settings, just these:

Even though check-boxes look promising, it doesn't constrain my proportions on my monitor, but oddly, makes it so that the offset occurs on my Cintiq's display instead.

I had hoped to find these options, what I've discovered are available only to Intuos devices (but I could swear that I've seen these before with my Cintiq, perhaps with an older driver?):

They're similar options, but this "Mapping" is actually what I'm after, while these particular settings this screenshot is focussing on isn't what I'm concerned with specifically.


Ultimately:I want the Mapping options but my intent is to achieve more of a letter-box active area on my Cintiq, which would chop off some of it in order to achieve (seen below).

This is what I want, for those who are more visually-inclined (hopefully most of you if you're using a wacom!):


Thanks for putting up with my wonky diagrams - please help me get back up and running so I can draw normally!


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