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Cintiq Pro 24 Flickers off and On/Disconnects

Cintiq and Cintiq Pro
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Cintiq Pro 24 Flickers off and On/Disconnects

Postby tylerfriso » Sun 6. Sep 2020, 00:46

Purchased a brand new Cintiq Pro 24, but while animating on the cintiq it will randomly flicker off and on again, displaying "HDMI (insert resolution of CIntiq)". It seems that the cintiq itself IS on when this happens, but the screen just randomly goes black and on again. Sometimes it will randomly go black and display "input video frequency is not supported wacom", but then when I turn the cintiq off and on again, it works fine again.

It is connected to my laptop with an HDMI cable and the usb cable. I've switched the HDMI cable with another one but it doesn't change anything. Have unplugged and re-plugged the cords again and again to no avail. Have also uninstalled and reinstall the Wacom driver to no avail. Current display driver is Intel(R) HD Graphics 520. Laptop is an Asus K501U Windows laptop, 1920x1080 laptop.

Has anyone else experienced this and have any idea what is causing this connection issue? I am not sure if the issue is my laptop, faulty wires, faulty cintiq, or a faulty driver?

-Tyler, 22 year old animator from Vancouver

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Re: Cintiq Pro 24 Flickers off and On/Disconnects

Postby wacom5 » Mon 7. Sep 2020, 08:04

Hi Tyler,

The problem is only in the video signal and most likely in the output source. The Wacom Driver has no influence over this so, while it's good that you updated it, it won't help with the issue.
Please update the drivers for your computer Graphics card(s) - not sure which version of the Asus K501U you have but it seems that some versions also have an Nvidia graphics card. Check your Device Manager to be sure.
If the issue persists, are you able to test the Cintiq Pro with a different computer?
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