NEW tablet driver 6.3.23-4 for OSX released. For release notes use the link below the driver on the download page. Fixed: Problem mit modifiers on keyboard in combination with pentip, accidential double-clicks etc. Last update for an issue with ZBrush navigation.

New version for for Windows 6.3.23-1: Fixed various problems - zooming with expresskeys, 'driver not responding' error message and others.

For more details see the driver release notes on the driver download page.

Note: All users seeing wavy lines using a Wacom Pro Pen 2 with Wacom Cintiq Pro 13” or 16”, please update the tablet pen firmware to version to address this issue. The update is now available via the Wacom Desktop Center application on your computer. - There is now also such a firmware update for MobileStudio Pro for this issue.

Key Repeat On EK Remote?

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Key Repeat On EK Remote?

Postby worldclock2017 » Sun 19. Mar 2017, 02:37

Hi everyone. When using Photoshop, it's common to hold down a key on the keyboard so the key keeps repeating until you let go. For example, if you hold down ] then the brush size continues to enlarge until you let go. This allows you to make big brush size adjustment much faster - and you don't have to keep pressing ] over and over again to get to a larger brush size.

But on the EK Remote, we cannot hold down a button and have it repeat. This is the sole reason that I haven't used the remote just yet, because I really need this feature (I'm hoping many other users are onboard with this)

Is there a way to make this happen with the current drivers, or is there a way Wacom could implement this is in a future driver update?


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