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How do I get apps to open on Cintiq 24 by default?

Posted: Wed 30. Sep 2020, 14:22
by mattrichards
Hi all

Recently took delivery of a Cintiq pro 24 and was wondering if there was a way to get apps like Photoshop and ZBrush to open on my Cintiq by default rather than my main monitor.
I understand that I can drag the app to my Cintiq but this seems like a real faff each time I want to use them.

Also, if I use the Cintiqs on screen keyboard, it too opens on my main monitor which seems to defeat the object.

I assume that these two issues are linked so any help would be appreciated


Re: How do I get apps to open on Cintiq 24 by default?

Posted: Wed 7. Oct 2020, 15:30
by vasturn
I know that Windows saves the location of an app when it's closed, so if you open them up, move them to your Cintiq, then close them there, they should open on the Cintiq the next time you open them. I know that doesn't help if you sometimes use them on your other monitor, I don't know a way to always do it, sorry (maybe if you make the Cintiq your primary display?)

The other thing I found useful in Photoshop is setting up a different workspace for each monitor, then you only have to reposition the main app window if you move it between monitors.

For the on screen keyboard I found the keyboard button at the top of the cintiq (if you have one) opens the keyboard on the Cintiq but the Wacom shortcut setup doesn't (ie: if I assign "on screen keyboard" to the button on a pen it opens on my main monitor). I think Windows probably wants the Cintiq to be the primary display for this to work but you might not want to do that if your Cintiq is not always in use.

Re: How do I get apps to open on Cintiq 24 by default?

Posted: Thu 8. Oct 2020, 06:32
by mattrichards
Hey vasturn.

Thanks so much for your considered reply. I probably fall into the latter, I'm not always using the Cintiq but at least I have a good idea what to expect in terms of the Cintiqs capabilities.
I'd been experimenting and realised that, as you say, wherever I close the app will be where it opens next time.

Plenty to consider here though so thanks again for yor time.

Re: How do I get apps to open on Cintiq 24 by default?

Posted: Sun 18. Oct 2020, 06:41
by vasturn
No Probs. I swap over a lot too and the other pain is that all the popup windows (hue/ saturation adjustment window) for example open on the one you last used them on, so you have to drag them over to the other one quite often.

Another idea is to use two different installations of Photoshop: one for your monitors and one for your Cintiq. Not sure how feasible that is as I think Windows would require you to install two different versions but that otherwise I think that might work.

Re: How do I get apps to open on Cintiq 24 by default?

Posted: Sat 31. Oct 2020, 03:00
by toxejep219
If above steps does not work follow these
Turn on your Cintiq monitor. If you have properly installed the Cintiq, it will display a second computer desktop. It will also detect the tip of the stylus as a mouse controller when you bring the stylus near to the screen.
Launch Photoshop on your computer. By default, the program will open in your computer's primary monitor screen.
Click the "Window" button from the top-right corner of the Photoshop window if the program is not already running in windowed mode. This will allow you to move the Photoshop window freely.
Left-click and hold on the top frame of the Photoshop window and drag the window from your main monitor into the Cintiq monitor screen.
Release the mouse button to place the window in the Cintiq monitor. You may need to click and drag on the sides of the window to resize it to fit the display.
Drag the Photoshop toolbars and any other windows into the Cintiq monitor. These windows move individually and will each require placement in the second display.
Click the "File" menu, then click "Open" to open an existing file or "New" to create a new blank canvas. You can use the stylus to select these options on the Cintiq screen.
Select a drawing tool from the toolbar, such as a pencil, pen or paintbrush tool. You can choose the draw