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Cintiq stops working in Photoshop

Posted: Tue 6. Oct 2020, 15:15
by mattrichards
Hi all

This is a follow up to a post I made earlier this week. Had a Cintiq for about a week now.

I mentioned that when I try to create a new doc in Phop that my Cintiq stops working. If I then try and click on anything with the pen (which still works) I get a warning beep and nothing happens.

This now appears to be happening with other functions in the top menu of Pshop eg Image adjustments. It seems to be any Pshop menu function that would ordinarily open a dialogue window (such as size info for a new doc and adjustments for contrast etc). The dialogue window fails to open and the Cintiq wont work in Pshop until I quit it in the Windows Task Manager.

Any thoughts anyone?

Re: Cintiq stops working in Photoshop

Posted: Wed 7. Oct 2020, 15:23
by vasturn
Are you using another monitor as well as the Cintiq? Have you had another monitor connected up at the same time? I've found sometimes in PS it seems like my pen has stopped working but actually it's because a dialogue box has opened on my other monitor and PS is waiting for me to ok that. I've found that sometimes these dialogue boxes are open right on the edge of my second monitor and very hard to find. PS seems to save the last used location of these dialogue boxes - I'm presuming in the preferences file, they don't seem to be saved in "workspaces", so it might be worth trying deleting your prefs file.

It's probably not this but thought I'd mention it just in case.

Re: Cintiq stops working in Photoshop

Posted: Thu 8. Oct 2020, 06:38
by mattrichards
Hi vasturn

Thanks for this. Interestingly I have made a little progress but not found a definitive solution. I have 3 monitors (one of which is the Cintiq). It does suggest that the windows are opening somewhere because if I hit esc, I can return to if I have quit the offending dialogue window.

If I open a dialogue window on another monitor then drag everything to my Cintiq I am then able to open that same dialogue window on the Cintiq the next time I open it. Unfortunately I would have to do this for ALL dialogue windows!

So I have a partial solution. I'll have a hunt and see if the window is hiding somewhare as you suggest.


Re: Cintiq stops working in Photoshop

Posted: Thu 8. Oct 2020, 17:56
by vasturn
no worries. If you can't find the window, there's a trick we used to use to bring windows back when you remove a monitor. I can't remember the shortcut (sorry, you'll have to look it up) but it's a windows shortcut that does something like: "grab active window" (it's something like ctrl-space- something). You just hit the shortcut then, without doing anything else, use the cursor keys and your missing window will slowly drift back in from the ether.

Re: Cintiq stops working in Photoshop

Posted: Fri 9. Oct 2020, 10:12
by mattrichards
Thanks vasturn

I'll look that up and give it a go.

I appreciate your input!